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Culturally diverse and historically vast is what we call as next tourist destination, Africa. It is the 2nd largest continent and next emerging traveling spot for the world. With the largest wildlife, extensive forest range, photographic landscape and colorful rich culture, Africa is becoming one of the most loved places to visit with family friends and solo. Click photos with giraffes and experience that you have never lived before.

Africa is a top destination for safari, wild zoos, variety of food and music. It has unique form of music, dance and other cultural activities. The most famous tourism destinations in Arica are Cairo, Cape Town, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Sierra Leone, Sharm El Sheikh, Addis Ababa, Madagascar, Ahvaz and many more. Once you are set for the expedition, you will get many travel offers and packages on Trivoyage to make your trip to Africa hassle free.

How Long Does It Take To Fly To The Africa?

Fly to these crystal blue beaches, wild life safaris and wealthy jewels in just 11 hours flight from Heathrow Airport in London. Though Cairo is near as it takes only 6 hours from Birmingham airport. If you planning a trip to African countries, you can plan with Trivoyage and get best flight deals. London is the most popular airport for travelers and takes about 9 hours to fly to Nairobi in Kenya.

Airlines Flying from the UK to the Africa

1- British Airways     2- American Airlines     3- Delta Airlines     4- Emirates Airlines     5- United Airlines     6- Virgin Atlantic

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Top Things to Do in Africa

Eiffel Tower:

1. Plan your adventure at the most unusual spot in the world, the Red Sea. Every years, millions of tourists land at Sharm El- Sheikh Scuba spot to dive in the Red Sea.

2. South Africa is the most exciting of all other countries in this continent. South Africa offers, Cape Town as the most happening place for beach lovers, photographers and mountain lovers. Cape Town has this big Table Mountain, cable cars, shopping malls and worlds best night parties. Johannesburg has the best wine in the country and also is the house of the great Nelson Mandela. Johannesburg is also known as city of gold.

3. Visiting Kenya is every travelers dream, the right forests and nature is where the heart of Kenya lies, Nairobi. It is a booming tourism destination and best for Jazz lovers. Every corner, late night café dates and malls are flooded with jazz band players. It is a perfect place to explore and relax with your friends and family. One you are in Kenya, you will discover, that best cocoa nuts and coffee beans are originated in Kenya.

4. Explore the pyramids and ancient Mummies land in Cairo, Egypt. It has the best tattoo artists, street magicians and land of magnificent temples. The most famous place in Cairo is Pyramids of Giza.

5. There is no trip without returning with bags of shopping. Other than exploring mega city malls, start from local and fresh village markets of Addis Ababa, known as Mercato Addis. It is the largest open market area in Africa for clothing, coffee beans, spices and Jebenas.