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When it comes to Amsterdam, it’s natural to imagine a large number of tourists. You should definitely plan your next vacation at this mesmerizing spot. You’ll get to witness a lot of mind-blowing tourist attractions. Moreover, the vibrant nightlife of Amsterdam will more likely make you visit this place again and again.

The soothing atmosphere of this spectacular place will definitely blow your mind. When it’s about a museum trip, you’ll have some exciting discounts. That means a great saving in your trip investment.

The awe-inspiring central canal belt of Amsterdam had started its journey in the 17th century. So, it has a great cultural as well as historical significance. The enchanting waterways have made this place one of the picture-perfect spots. Amsterdam is heavily urbanized. However, it’s wonderful that it’s one of the greenest cities in Europe.

The heart of the city

The heart of the city is encircled by various green belts, including Plantage, Vondel Park, and Westerpark. Moreover, Amsterdam is a popular historical place and so you’ll get to witness a lot of world-class museums as well as galleries. It includes the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. This place comprises of a lot of letters, drawings, and paintings from Van Gogh. You should definitely take a visit without a doubt.

Are you a shopaholic person? Then, Amsterdam will be an ideal place to visit for you. A number of vibrant shopping markets are peppered throughout the place. You can purchase souvenirs, food, flowers, and art from these markets.

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Best time to visit Amsterdam

Don’t forget to visit the Mercator market and the Rembrandt Art Market. So, it’s time to take a look at some of the important aspects regarding an Amsterdam trip. You can visit Amsterdam at any time in a year. But, while it comes to the best time, you should consider September to November as well as April to May. You can imagine great mild weather throughout your canal cruising. You can expect the same during your visit to the awe-inspiring Keukenhof’s tulip fields.

Amsterdam experiences a rush of tourists from the period of June to August. So, it’s a good idea to book your trip in advance. Autumn in June to August can’t be predicted many times and it’s from September to November.

But, it will be an unforgettable experience to walk across the windmills within the mesmerizing Dutch countryside. It’s true that winters are harsh in worth. But, it has come with a good side as well. You’ll have the benefits of budget-friendly accommodation, mind-blowing airfare deals, and so on.

Top things to do

The awe-inspiring canal network, mesmerizing history, and wonderful culture have made the Dutch capital one of the must-visit places in the world.

Museum Plein: Museum Plein houses Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum. It’s the cultural point of Amsterdam. Moreover, this place has been recently modified and so you’ll get to have some mind-blowing experience. The beautiful open-air exhibitions, a vast paddling pool, and spectacular markets will more likely amaze you. Dipping toes in this pool during the warmer days is an experience of its kind.

Anne Frank House:The front part of Anne Frank House has become a mesmerizing museum. However, waiting times in this place are sometimes lengthy. So, it’s better to visit Anne Frank House in the morning. You can also book your trip online on an advance basis to avoid the long queues.

Taking a Canal Cruise:Founded in the 17th century, the mind-blowing canal belt of the picture-perfect Amsterdam makes a must-watch sight during the day as well as night. The bridges get sparkled by beautiful lights. And thus, the entire area gets a magical feel. The guided boat tour is a mind-blowing experience to know Amsterdam in a better way. You can opt for one of the many canal cruises. You can book your canal cruise trip online.

Flevo Park: It’s a beautiful, huge park and a perfect spot to experience a rejuvenating walk. Moreover, cycling can also be an amazing option. Vast grassy areas are there for the purpose of lounging. Also, a lot of running trails are present for more enthusiastic beings.

De Ton Ton Club:If you want to cherish your childhood days again, then it can be an ideal place for you. Playing Mortal Combat, Super Mario Kart, and a lot of other games will appease your soul. Moreover, the scrumptious foods of this place shouldn’t be missed.

Scheepvaart Museum:This awe-inspiring museum is home to 18 rooms dedicated to artifacts as well as exhibits. Being a multi-story museum, Scheepvaart Museum makes visitors realize how sailors used to spend their time while they at sea. This place should be definitely included in your bucket list.

Furthermore, all foodies will get a lot of delicious food options in this place. However, the nightlife is also unforgettable. Big clubs, including Studio 80, Escape, and Westerunie offer the big tunes, renowned DJs, etc. If you’re looking for casual relaxation, you can opt for one of many cafes in Amsterdam.