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This is one of the places well-known for its tourism and Athens being one of the famous destinations has to be one of the places to visit because of its culture and fondly Athens is called as the ‘Cultural Capital of Europe’. This is one of the must visit cities when you are on a Europe tour because of the sweeping views that the place offers. Surrounded by beautiful landscape of mountains, this is one of the oldest cities of Europe. This is the place of inception of a lot of Western civilization. The location of Athens is mind-blowing and that’s what makes it one of the most sought out destinations in and Europe.

Some of the must visit places in Athens are Theatre of Dionysus, Roman Agora, Philopappos Hill, Anafiotika, National Garden, Monastiraki etc… Visiting this place when in Europe is must because of its rich culture and heritage.

Best time and climate to visit Athens

Visiting Athens any time during March to May and from September to November would be pretty ideal because this is one of the best times to visit Athens. It would be the season of spring and fall respectively. During this time, the place would become extremely colorful and the sun would rise and shine at his best during these months and this is one of the best seasons for tourists to loaf around the city.

Also, during winters this place would get colder yet, it would be beautiful and the winter season starts from November and lasts until February.

The winter here is slightly harsh but relatively better than the other places in Greece because of the Mediterranean location. If you want some solitude, it is important not to choose the season during June to August because it would be flocked by a lot of tourists and visiting places would become quite difficult as it would be crowded with a lot of tourists from across the globe.

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Must To Do Bucket List in Athens

This is the city of wonders and anyone planning their vacation to this city of wonder is certainly going to enjoy every single second of their time undoubtedly. There is lot of opportunities to completely unwind and let go off all the melancholy.

The city of Athens has some of the top-class museums, quaint beaches, cultural squares and amazing markets. For all the coffee lovers, this is one of the destinations to go to and for all the foodies, do not think of any other place to go on a gastronomical tour when you are here.

Theatre of Dionysus is one of the must visit places when you are here because

this place is certainly going to leave all the theatre livers in a state of surprise. Playing some of the best comedy and the tragedy shows, it is one of the best theaters in and around Greece one must certainly go to.

A museum that was originally formed with just the collection of artifacts from a couple of people has now become one of the most famous attractions called the Museum of Cycladic Art. The museum holds some of the best artifacts which take us back in time to the Greek civilization.

The goddess of war and wisdom Athena Nike resides in the majestic temple of Temple of Athena Nike located in the Acropolis and she has been here since 420 BC. Regarded as one of the oldest temples in Athens, it is believed that the ancient Greece sought the blessings of Athena to gain victory against the Spartans. Nike, in Greek means victory hence; it was believed strongly by the ancient Greeks that the blessings from this God would lead towards victory.

The green lung of the city, the National Garden is located in Athens. If people plan for their trips to bask in the sun and laze around leisurely, then this is one of the places you must go to. The lush greenery and the pathway formed by the canopy of the trees along with the some of the beautiful statues make it a perfect setting for relaxation.

For all the sports lovers Athens is one of the best destinations to go to because along with the museums and temples there are also some of the best stadiums which holds a great significance related to sports history. One amongst all these stadiums is the Panathenaic Stadium and it is known because of its association with Olympics and this is one of the oldest stadiums and it dates back to 300 BC.

Once you have landed in Athens, visiting to these famous tourist destinations will allow you to see this beautiful destination in a better way. Doing all these things can help you take back a lot of memories on your way back home and a lot of stories to tell your friends. So, when you are planning your trip to Athens, remember to keep all these places on mind.