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Inspire yourself while traveling to Australia, one of the most developed and growing continent in the world. Traveling through Australian cities is a luxury as the roads are too clean and the beauty is breath taking. Australia is also famous for Kangaroos, and you will find many Koala and Kangaroo cuddling parks to play around with. Australia majorly covers Melbourne, Sydney, Pert, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Cairns, Queensland, Newcastle, Hobart Albany, Port Augusta, Gold Coast and Adelaide.

From small island and beaches to designer malls, from roller coasters and theme parks to long drive within ocean, from scuba diving till sky diving, Australia has everything you ever dreamt of. With new traveling packages, floating online at Trivoyage website, Australia should be your next travel bucket option. So be the part of land of dreams and pack your bags for Australia.

Fly to the Australia?

Australia is in the corner of the world but worth for a minimum 17 hour journey. This is what it takes from London Heathrow airport to Perth airport in Western Australia.

If you are traveling from Manchester to Melbourne, the quickest flight will take minimum 23 hours, with Hong Kong as your layover.

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Top 10 Things to do In Australia

1. Visit the world famous Sydney Opera House, famous for its architectural design and Sydney Harbor Bridge not only as your sightseeing but also as a climber. You can later go on the little hike towards west to Blue Mountains National Park. It has Three Sisters Rocks, dark blue sky, open landscape view, and rocky adventure sports.

2. Visit to this 2nd largest city in Australia and for the street food and sea beach getaways. Melbourne has bundle of things to do like Chapel Street, Victoria Market and Mornington Peninsula and much more.

3. Measure the size of world’s largest sand beach in Brisbane, Fraser Island and explore pool of Champagne. Brisbane is also known for the cathedrals and sandstone buildings. With a touch of adventure and ancient history, Brisbane is perfect for families.

4. While you are exploring Darwin, visit Kakadu National park near it to see more than 300 species of birds, mammals and fish. Darwin will take you to the Crocosaurus Cove and famous brown sand Mindli Beach. If you like fishing, you can walk up to Stokes Hill Wharf.

5. Perth is the most visited place in Australia for nature seekers. Meet the penguins at The Penguin Island or cuddle the little Koalas at Cohunu Koala Park. If u are missing on Kangaroos, visit Heirisson Island or taste wine at Sandalford Wines. Pert also has wild dolphins running at the ocean during early summers which makes it perfect for kid’s trip.

6. Australia’s National Botanic Gardens lies in middle on Canberra with National Zoos and Aquariums. Visit the Telstra Towers, Black Mountain for flora and fauna, Pine Island Reserve. For foodies, visit Lonsdale Street for street shows and food trucks.

7. For adventure seekers, plan a trip to Cairns for Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Barron falls. Visit Fitzroy Island and palm cove for sun bathing experience and Great Adventure Coral Reef Experience or Big Cat Green Island Reef areas for snorkeling.

8. Time to get astonished with Gateshead Bridge at Newcastle and Angel of North Statue. It is best for educational learners as it has Life Science Center and Discovery Museum and also Stephenson Railway Museum. Another city Port Augusta is in South Australia, less explored but exciting. It takes you on an exciting journey of Wadlata Outback Center with chilling architectural style.

9. Relax in Queensland beaches of the Island of Albany or chill at Just the opposite is city of Hobart, in Tasmania is struck with landscape beauty, the city is like heaven on earth. Visit Mount Wellington for scenery or MONA for live museum.

10. Continent of food is another name of Australia and you cannot leave without tasting: The Lot Burger, yummy Tim Tams, Meat Pies, sweet Barramundi. And you must taste Tooheys sensational drink with a Goon wine.

Live the unforgettable journey with your friends and family in Australia and find cheap hotel and flight deals, car rentals and traveling offers online at Trivoyage.