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For all the footballers, Barcelona can ring an alarm in their ears and this becomes one of the must visit places in Europe. When you are here it is important to see places like the Catalan art nouveau and also some of the buildings that are built using the Contemporary architecture along with some of the most ancient architectures related to medieval period.

The architecture of Barcelona also dates back to Romans. When you are in Barcelona it offers a lot of attractions and destinations to spend time with self or your loved ones exploring the different places in the public transport which is abundantly available in Barcelona.

Best time to fly to Barcelona

This is one of the most important things which would hit everyone when they are planning for travel and Barcelona being one of the best places to travel it is important to plan the travel accordingly. This is one of the most happening places and has one of the best weathers which would support almost all the travelers.

Since, it falls under the Mediterranean climate it is always ideal to visit Barcelona either during early summer and fall. The best months are between May to June and September to October. Lazing amidst the mountains in the bright and pleasant days of summer and also the crisp days during the cozy winter would also be extremely fine.

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Crazy must to do things in Barcelona

Visit these places in Barcelona when you plan for a trip because these are some of the important attractions which are worth-seeing.

. La Pedrera

Have you ever seen dough rising or do you have a desire to get sunken in a molten lava. While most of the people call it is as stone lung this is one of the most visited destinations in Barcelona. Christened originally Casa Milà, it is popularly known as La Pedrera.

This is one of the destinations known for its natural features using the stone structures. This is the brain-child of Gaudi and has been regarded one of the must-visit attractions when you are in Barcelona. The building which was once a laughing stock is now one of the renowned buildings and has made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

2. Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum is one of the best places to visit because this is one of the museums which are frequented by a lot of people. This is one of the places where you may even end up seeing people standing in long queues. Since, the artist is the creator of the museum it gets a lot of attention.

There are more than 3800 works which are housed in the museum and most of the people in order to see the world class paintings created by the wonderful artist which the world admires till date.

3. Montjuïc Magic Fountain

If you are in for some groovy music then Montjuïc Magic Fountain is one of the places you must visit because this is one of the places where you would get to meet a lot of locals as well. This place brings out the inner child in you as most of the locals out there would visit this place as children or as tour guides.

The artistic fountain is one of the marvelous things which would catch everyone’s attention at the very instance. Designed by the engineer Carles Buigas, paying a visit to this place can make your trip memorable.

4. Cemeteries

If you want to understand the culture of a land, it would be done the best when you pay visit to a cemetery. While a lot of people feel that cemeteries aren’t one of those places to visit but, the one in Barcelona is definitely worth visiting.

Montjuïc being one of the largest in Poblenou has gained a lot of popularity because of the architecture and also the graves of some of the renowned artists. Apart from these you would also get to witness a lot of art pieces as well. One of the best things you must enjoy doing it here is to take the night trip in the cemeteries which can be quite thrilling. So, don’t you think it is a great idea to execute this part of the plan?

5. Botanical Garden

Would you like to spend time in one of the sprawling beauties of Barcelona? Taking a walk in the 14 hectares of this famous Botanical Garden in Barcelona enjoying the lush greenery can be one of the best things to do. There are different kinds of plants which one can spot while you are in the garden and can feast on the plant kingdom. Some of the categories which these things are classified are as Australian, Mediterranean, South African, Chilean and Californian and a kind like this can only be witnessed in this garden here

The destinations is popular for those who are looking to get excited and do something new. This is an artistic playground with football craze people. Happy Journey!!