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One of the most popular cities to which a lot of people plan their travel is the capital of Germany, Berlin. Known best for its culture, science and politics this is one of the most sought out destinations amongst a lot of tourists. Right from the Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra that attracts visitors across the world Berlin is known for its rich and diverse culture and people there have time and again proven their flair for art.

Apart from the art and culture the city is also known for its amazing museum island which is one of the UNESCO heritage sites. Tourism in Berlin is pretty famous because of the architecture, art galleries and also vibrant nightlife and entertainment.

Best time to visit Berlin

Of course, every season would have its own charm however, if the vacation and the trip have to be hassle free it is important to understand the best time to visit. Berlin is great to visit between May to September and this is one of the most suitable weather for tourism.

Café hopping can be one of the best things to do during this season enjoying every second. One can also choose to sit day long in the parks or even take a stroll in the city. Winters can be pretty harsh in here as the temperatures might drop drastically and can even go lesser than 10 degree centigrade hence, winters are definitely not the apt seasons to plan a tour around Berlin.

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Must Do Things Before You leave Berlin

Also October is time for world’s famous German event Oktober Fest, only meant for beer lovers.

1. Do not miss the glass dome at The Rebuilt Reichstag

This is one of the must visit places when you are roaming in Berlin. Known for its Neo-Renaissance architecture, this place is known for serving the German empire until 1933. The building was burnt down into ashes and after the reconstruction it is now one of the most significant buildings as it was an abode of the German parliament in the year 1999 after the reunification of Germany.

One must not miss observing the classic dome, the Kuppel which offers stupendous view of the city as it is made of glass. You can also choose to spend some good time with your loved one in the rooftop restaurant of this building with prior booking due to huge demand.

2. The most significant Berlin Wall

This is one of the most significant places in Berlin and when you are here you must visit this place for sure. This wall has a historical significance as half of the city was sealed in order to prevent people from running away to West Germany. The wall was shattered in the year 1989. This wall extends upto four meters and upto 155 km. The refugee center museum present here also has a lot of history attached to it.

3. Berlin Cathedral

This is one of the major attractions of Berlin and it is located in the Museum Island. This is one of the most important architectural wonders which you must certainly pay a visit to this place when you plan for a tour to Berlin. It was first built in the year 1465 as Parish church. It offers one of the stunning looks and it is located on the Spree River. The sarcophagi and tombs which the Cathedral is made of is one of the must see things when you are here. Amongst all the attractions, this is one of the lovely destinations you must certainly visit to this place and get to know the culture and the architecture.

4. Do not miss the Jewish Museum

This building is one of the significant places which symbolize the culture of the German-Jewish history. The era of Jewish settlement can be understood completely when you pay a visit to this place and it gives you an amazing learning especially if you are sucker of history. The designer of this building was killed by the Nazis and the aerial view of this building is extremely spectacular. Along with the creativity, this place also holds a huge significance towards communist and politics as well.

5. Take a stroll in the Museum Island

Known for its amazing museums coming back from Berlin without taking a stroll to the Museum Land would certainly not be justified. This city has a lot of museums out of which the five are very important and it is located on the banks of the river Spree offering some of the best and stunning views of the city. Most of the museums are constructed between the years 1824 to 1930 and has a very high significance as they are all architectural marvels.

Most of the tourists would be strolling in and around these museums mostly and taking a tour around these museums would give you memories for lifetime.