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One of the most popular cities to which a lot of people plan their travel is the capital of Germany, Berlin. Known best for its culture, science and politics this is one of the most sought out destinations amongst a lot of tourists. Right from the Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra that attracts visitors across the world Berlin is known for its rich and diverse culture and people there have time and again proven their flair for art.

Apart from the art and culture the city is also known for its amazing museum island which is one of the UNESCO heritage sites. Tourism in Berlin is pretty famous because of the architecture, art galleries and also vibrant nightlife and entertainment.

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The modern architecture has come a really long way, still old architecture doesn’t fail to impress us. Braga is one such city which is full of breathtakingly beautiful architectural structures. It is one of the oldest cities of Portugal which attracts the tourist from all over the world. It has a rich history of over 2000 years.

It was founded by the Roman Emperor Augustus. It has always been an important religious seat. Its history is rooted with Roman Catholic Religion. This is the reason Braga is known as the Portuguese Rome (or the city of Archbishop). Although Braga is the third largest city of Portugal, yet it is not crowded.

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Braga is a beautiful city

Braga is a beautiful city full of life and beautiful culture. Everyone must visit this place to witness how culturally enriched this place is. It gives a glimpse of how architecture plays an important role. Beautiful architecture is treat to eyes and it would not be wrong to say that this place absolutely justify this statement.

Whosoever visits this place will leave with beautiful memories that will linger for long time. It is well connected to all parts of the world. You must plan your next trip to this beautiful city of Braga

Best Time to Visit Braga

The best time to visit the city is from April till October to enjoy luscious sun and little droplets of rain. It is neither too cold nor to hot during this time. Also, June and July are the peak tourist season with rocket high flight rates. It is best to book tickets 3 months in advance to get cheap deals.

Things You Must Do in Braga, Portugal

1. Braga Cathedral

Trip to Braga is incomplete without visiting the Braga’s Cathedral. This cathedral has an Amalgamation of Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Manu line and many other Architectural styles as it has been modified several times. It is a perfect place for a person who has deep knowledge or interest in different architectural styles. Buy the full visit ticket to see all places inside the premi.

2. Bom Jesus do Monte

It is a must visit place which is favourite amongst tourists. This hilltop sanctuary lies outside the city, i.e. six kilometres east of Braga. The 630 staircases that lead to this church signifies ascend to heaven.

Intricate and beautifully designed fountains are present that line the steps. These are based on theme of five senses. On reaching the top, the view that one gets is spectacular and worth the efforts made. All those people who can’t hike up to the church through the staircase, they can use the world’s oldest water-powered funicular.

3. Garden of Santa Barbara

What can be more relaxing than visiting a beautiful garden like Santa Barbara? This place is lying next to the Archbishops’ palace. It is indeed beautiful because the flower here contains riot of colours. This garden is at its absolute best during the spring season. However, it is worth the visit all around the year.

4. Biscainhos Museum

This museum lies inside a place which is located on a street of the same name. This palace was built in 16th century and later modified in 18th century. This museum gives a glimpse of life of Portugal’s nobility during that time. This place is surrounded by beautiful fountains and gardens.

5. Raio Palace

This palace lies in the centre of Braga. The outside of this palace has beautiful blue tile work. Moreover, inside the palace, there are hand painted tile panels all over the place including staircase, walls and ceilings.

6. Various Other Chapels and churches

This place is beautiful chapels and churches that are unique in some way or the other. While visiting Braga, make sure to visit as many beautiful churches as you could.

Must Attend Festivals In Braga

People here in Braga love to celebrate different occasions. Many festivals and events are organised here time-to-time.

1. Braga Romana Festival is celebrated every year in the month of May for 6 days where different programmes, concerts, stall are arranged at each main square along with costumed parade.

2. Sao Joao Festival is celebrated every year on June 23 on the occasion of the birth of St John. It is the most colourful time of the year. People participate in parade, play percussion bands. At night restaurants serve Caldo verde, a local cuisine and grilled sardines.
While visiting Braga, one should also enjoy the regional beverage called Vinho Verde which means green wine. It is not kept for long and usually consumed once it is bottled.
Braga is not just an architectural heaven; it is also full of many fun things. You can shop here at Braga city centre. It hosts many local and international brands.
You can also buy books, small gifts and souvenirs here. Moreover, one can also attend various festivals, live events, art galleries and talent shows around the city. It is one the most ancient places in Portugal with the touch of art. It is best for those who like to explore cathedrals and Notre Dames.