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Cayman Islands experiences nearly millions of tourists each and every year, getting away from stressed work life, metro cities and rushed traffic. As the name completes, Cayman is all about Islands, majorly three. All these islands are famous for beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling and other outdoor recreational activities. In other words, it is simply a paradise for a joyful holiday with your family.

Cayman Islands are originally a British Overseas Territory and is divided in three major parts: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Also, these are the major towns in these islands which you cannot miss. George Town, West Bay, Rum Point, Old Man Bay, Savannah. Some of other cities just around Cayman are: Kingston, Montego Bay which is just a ferry away and Negril in Jamaica. Trivoyage provides online offers to this beautiful beach getaway with majestic beach resorts, deep sea fishing expedition and diversity of wildlife like red-footed boobies and iguanas.

Fly to the Cayman Islands?

When you plan to start with the beach holiday, first travel to Richmond in west London and spend a day there. And then fly further to Grand Cayman, which is nearly 15 hour journey with minimum one stop. If you travel directly to Little Cayman or Cayman Brac, it will cost you double and fly time will increase to 24 hours. Whereas, if you hot Grand Cayman on flight and travel to other Caymans on ferry, you will be able to explore more and save chunk of cash on flights.

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Things to Do While You Are Traveling

1. Grand Cayman Tourism: if you are traveling for the first time, Grand Cayman is your best option. It is best for party on beach experience. Though the island is covered with beach and parties, this major part still offers cosmopolitan atmosphere with vibrant culture. It has a seven mile beach, night Food Street and upscale dining options just for you. Shop from duty free options like Versace, Tiffany and Gucci or buy from local craftsmen some unique souvenirs. Grand Cayman is where most of the tourists land or starting point of their expedition.

These are the Places to Visit in Grand Cayman:

a. The national Museum of Cayman Island,     b. Rum Point, to meet the rum trees after snorkeling,     c. Bodden Town, is capital city and a must to explore mission house,     d. The Turtle Center, befriend your favorite turtle     e. The Mastic Trail, meet these subtropical forests     f. Spotts Beach, with white sandy tingling sensation under your feet to picnic barbecues.    

2. Little Cayman Tourism:Scenic Landscapes and tranquil beauty is on the shores of this part of the island. It is best for sun bath experience. Visit the following spots to get the real feel of the Little island:

a. Owen Island, is a small beach shore for evening walk and kayaking     b. Oasis Aqua Park is a family amusement theme park including fun slides in the ocean     c. Strike Zone House of Fun, is a laser tag house right in the middle of Little Cayman.     d. Skateboarding on the street with cuts and curves

3. Cayman Brac Tourism: Place for adventure seekers, sea shells and breathtaking flora and fauna. It is known for its bluff and off beaten beauty in the ocean. Crazy things to do before you leave Cayman Brac are:

a. Cayman Brac Museum, oldest in the town and yet vibrant with its pastel color combination     b. Watering Place and West End,     c. Cotton Tree Bay and Spot Bay     d. Limestone Caves and sinkholes for scuba divers     e. Fishing and live fishing cooking     f. Bird-watching almost extinct parrots, boobies and falcons     g. And Crisscross Hiking

4. Events and Festivals Not to Miss: Cayman Islands are all about music, beach fun and food. Live Street Food Festival begins in Mid-September, Cocktail Week is for last five days in October and restaurant Month will be entire Octob

Islands are all about sand castles and surfing waves. It is an escape from our normal boring life. So get ready to fly to these beautiful islands in Cayman as Trivoyage brings you the best flight and vacations offers you cannot miss.