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Unlike landscapes and forests, China has a lot more to wander around. China is the land of world’s largest population and ethnicity. China is also famous for koi ponds with fish, Zen gardens, tea and the Great Wall of China. Trivoyage has many offers and traveling deals available online for you to book a holiday to this enchanted land. We have handpicked some of the amazing things you must do while you are traveling to China.

Don’t forget, china is a land of ancestors, strong rituals, the most different food and really adorable people and their hospitality. Chinese have overcome the giant consumer market all over the world and this makes China a huge place to fill your products with crazy stuff before you end your trip. Not just this, China still has many street art related to dummy theatres,

Fly to the China?

China is not so far from anywhere, and a British would take approx. 10 hours to land in an unusual yet loving and beautiful place. Mostly tourist start their journey from Beijing, which is also the capital of China and then travel across other parts of the country. Shanghai is again a must travel and if you want to take a direct flight to Shanghai, it will be a complete 12 hours journey, non-stop.

Many tourists around the world are traveling other local towns like Chengdu, Guangzhou, Dalian and Shenzhen. All these towns will take you closer to real Chinese traditions and culture.

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Things to Do While You Are Traveling To China

1. Beautiful Gardens and Lakes: meet the giant pandas at Chengdu or cruise on the rivers of Li River. Visit the Garden of Lingering with a pool, peach trees and walls with Chinese engravings. Hangzhou’s Historic Lake at the Grand Canal. If you want relive Avatar movie, travel towards Hunan town to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It is a natural wonder with newly made attractions like “Hundred Dragons Sky Lift”, Canyon Glass Bridge etc. Schicheng Island in Dalian will take you to tour underwater.

2. Science and Kids Places: finally fly to Dalian, also known as land of discovery and visit this amusing theme park known as Dalian Discovery Kingdom. Kids love to visit Dalian Forest Zoo. Also, meet the polar bear at Sun Asia Ocean world and many other water creatures. One of the biggest and amazing places is Laohutan Scenic attraction in Dalian Bhutan with huge sculptures of tigers, also known as tiger beach Ocean Park.

3. History and Ancient China: The Forbidden City in Beijing held 24 emperors in building and Summer Palace, which is 700 acre land of parklands. Spend you day at the Great Wall of China, which is also a national symbol of the country. It is of 6000 Km stretch. Other famous temples are the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square. Also, visit a heritage site in Chengdu, The Giant Buddha which is also a scenic park. Visit The Yellow Mountains in Shanghai before ending your vacation.

4. Shopping and Fun: Shopping for electronics, gadgets and utility items are best in China. Shopping in China is a delightful and amusing experience. Find all the creatures in this world on your food platter at Beijing’s Wangfujing Street, explore world’s brand in this open mall at Chunxi Road in Chengdu, bag high end brands from a royal palace in The Bund Shanghai or collect your goodies from Chinese Wholesale Market in Xi’an, China. Country’s largest trade fair is organized in Guangzhou every year covering electronics and manufacturers from all around the world.

5. Foodies: food and drinks are exceptional in China. Other than world famous Chowmein, China acclaims to have food and drinks that you can never find anywhere else. Meat pancakes, known as Niurouxian Bing, Sunantian which is sweet and sour fish, Jianbing is a fried Crepe and Zhajiangmian is fried sauce noodles, famous bubble tea and must have Snake Wine. While fermenting snake wine, they put real snakes in the bottles. Tsingtao is their street beer.

Let yourself sulk in the beach waves, sun bathing and shopping in Chinese countries and make your holiday a relaxing one this year. Happy Journey.