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The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has many testimonials to its name like first city in the world to have its fire service and the first city to publish Encyclopaedia Britannica. In terms of tourism, Edinburgh ranks 2nd in terms of international visitors in the UK, preceding London and succeeding Manchester.

Many attractions like Edinburgh Castle, Arthur seat and Royal Mile are some of the best-kept assets for the foreigner to explore. Today, we will take you through the Edinburgh tourism overview that will put that city in your bucket list.

Best Time To Visit Edinburgh

The capital city of Scotland is best when you visit during summer vacation in June till August. Summer is also the expensive time due to vacations around globe. If you are on budget traveling, look for booking sin November till March.

Winter is too long in Edinburgh but not so shivering cold. It is best for cheap hotel and flight deals. Out of entire winter, January and February are the coldest months of the year.

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June- August (Best time to visit)

Edinburgh International Festival (August)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival (August)

Edinburgh Military Tattoo (August)

September- October

International Storytelling Festival (October)

November- March

Hogmanay (December)

Burns Night (January)

Things to do in Edinburgh

1. Edinburgh castle

One of the common attraction for the visitors, the Edinburgh Castle takes you to the history of Scotland’s medieval culture. One of the highlighting features of the Edinburgh castle is that every day, there will be firing off the gun, which during the 18th Century was used as timekeeping for the ships in the harbour.

Due to the peak hours, it is recommended to visit this monument in the morning, so that you can beat the queue. Other attractions of Edinburgh castle includes National war museum and St. Margaret’s Chapel, which was built in the 12th century.

2. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

Get into the world of optical illusions that will trick your brain. Built-in 1835, the Camera Obscura is the oldest ever tourist attraction in Edinburgh. Camera Obscura has Mirror maze, Vortex tunnel.

Down in the rooftop displays an amazing view of the Edinburgh city via telescopes available here. It is also one of the attractions where you can beat peak hours and instead visit during the morning hours. Finally, exploring the Camera Obscura will make you curious and get mesmerized with its optical illusions.

3. Arthur’s seat

Hike to Scotland's extinct volcano, the Arthur seat is another place that offers amazing views of Edinburgh city. Named after the famous “King Arthur”, you can find old forts and structures that were built during the AD period. On your way to Arthur’s seat, you get to experience fresh air and a sense of calmness in and around the spot. Moreover, Arthur’s seat has won the green tourism award for the steps taken to save flora and fauna.

4. Visit Harry Potter sites

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then this will excite you. The Author of Harry Potter J.K.Rowling was found to be spending time in the elephant café writing the novel. Various locations like Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, Potterow streets, Heriot’s school (Hogwarts) can be explored and crave you to see more like this. There are free guiding walking tours to explore the film locations to dwell into the world of Magic.

5. Try some traditional Scottish foods

Haggis, the pride of Scotland is made with sheep’s parts like Heart, Liver and Lungs. Haggis is served with mashed turnips, potatoes and a little bit of whiskey sauce.

Other dishes like Scottish Salmon, Black pudding, Cullen skinks (made with Potatoes and onion soup) is worth trying for. Apart from the staple foods, you can try desserts like Cranachan, shortbread and Dundee cake that will satisfy your taste buds.

6. Edinburgh Zoo

Home to over 1000 species, the Edinburgh Zoo is a delightful visit for the wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. This zoo was first in the world to breed penguins and giant pandas. Opened in 1913, the Edinburgh zoo is now a home of exotic and diverse species. The zoo hosts events and entertainment for the visitors to promote wildlife conservation. With the ticket prices starting at 20 pounds, Visiting Edinburgh zoo will keep you and your kids entertained..

7. Take part in the Edinburgh international festivals

The popular festival in Scotland hosts some mesmerizing international festivals on Music, art and theatre to help the visitors get exposure to the world of creative arts. Do not forget to visit the Edinburgh fringe festival that is said to witness 1000+ performers from comedy, theatre, and art and music background. Described as the largest art festival in the world, the Edinburgh fringe festival starts in August annually covering 1 month..

8. Have Scotch Whisky Experience

The city is palace of whisky scotch which includes many silver tours that will take your ride from B.C to A.C categories of alcohol. The standard tour includes historical rides of how it is made and tastings.

It is found to be royal when you are walking down lanes of Edinburgh. In terms of drinking, Black tea is one of the popular beverages that Scots drink. Also, do not forget to try Irn Bru (an orange soda).