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The best time to fly to Metz, France is from May to September. There is a pleasant temperature and very less rainfall, thus allowing you to walk and enjoy the aura and beauty of the place. The highest temperature is recorded in the month of July and the least in January. Summers are best in Europe and have the high tourist footfall.

Winters are cold, windy and rainy. It is not best for outdoor scenery. But during winter, tourists on budget traveling are booked at peak.

First time travelers ?

First time travelers on low budget has opportunity to book international hostels of budget hotels in off season. France is known for international students hence it has a system to provide you accommodation easily. Also, you can book group travel packages if you are traveling for the first time. You find group bookings online at low fare.

Entire France is inter connected well through buses and metro. To travel from paris to Mets, it will take you 1 hour 20 minutes.

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Top 14 Things to do in Metz

Metz Cathedral: This is a Gothic Masterpiece that was built in 1300s and is named as God’s Lantern. The towers rose to the sky. This is the tallest Gothic building in Europe. You can witness the beautiful stained glass from different eras. The sanctuary will let you go for a spiritual walk.

2. Centre Pompidou-Metz: This is the younger sibling of Centre Pompidou that is in Paris. This is very close to the central train station and is in the heart of the city. Many exhibitions are hosted at this place. This has 3 galleries, one auditorium and a theatre that focus on the artwork.

3. Museum of Metz: This is the most famous art museum where you can find the beautiful collection of four key disciplines such as medieval art, architecture, archeology and history from the times of Roman and Renaissance.

4. Fort de Queuleu: This is located towards the Southeast of Merz. This fort was passed from the French to German rule. This is used as a detention center during the World War II. This place has a strong history.

5. Porte des Allemands: This was constructed in the 13th and 15th century. The fortified gate, ancient bridge, defense towers and bastions stand as attraction of this place. This place has been turned into the walking path for the people to take a stroll and enjoy the medieval neighborhood.

6. Temple Neuf de Metz: This was built from 1901 to 1904. This church is used to offer prayers and conduct cultural events. You can see the reflection of this building on the Moselle River in the night times under the illumination of lights.

7. Eglise Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains: This was built in 380 CE and is one of the oldest churches in Europe. This church has opened to conduct exhibitions and concerts.

8. The Marche Couvert: This is the ideal place for the food lovers to enjoy cheese, fruits, fresh bread and other food varieties. This is open only from Tuesday to Saturday. It is a perfect shopping arcade with the best brands and live nights.

9. Gare de Metz-Ville: This is the railway station that has a lot of history and was built in 1975. The roof of the station, departure hall, honorary lounge and restaurant gives the ambience of ancient days.

10. Saint Maximin: This is a Catholic Church that is located closer to the Lutheran Temple. The architecture of this place is marvelous where you can also enjoy peace and spirituality.

11. Musée de la Cour d'Or: This is the museum that is named after the Merovingian Kings. This museum has a collection of medieval art and history and Gallo-Roman archaeology.

12. Metz Theatre: This is the olden theatre where you can watch the plays. This can accommodate 750 people and has a history of 250 years.

13. Romarin Restaurant: This is the famous restaurant one has to visit when are in Metz. This serves a lot of Lorraine cuisine.

14. Top Places to Eat: L’Imaginarium at Rue De Paris is the most visited among tourists with taste, elegance and class.

Europe is known for the quality food and wine. Metz is hub for tasty cafes, bakery items and red wine. Metz in France is a popular city with so much to explore other than cathedrals.