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The Middle East covers vast countries of western Asia and is known as transcontinental region. It includes Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Jeddah, Riyadh, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan etc. Middle East has become a popular tourist spot for travelers looking for great food, 5 star hospitality, antique historical sites and world’s beat landscapes. If you are seeking to fall in love with nature, Middle East is the right place to start with. These countries together bring many tourist related adventure sports as most of these places are covered with layers of desert.

Middle East is also a popular destination for archeologists and people who are fond of old buildings. Though the temperature in summers is quiet hot, making winters and spring the best time to visit these places. In past 10 years, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have hit the highest tourist record and are one the most visited Middle Eastern countries in the world. Also, these countries are famous for luxurious hotels, expensive retreats, casinos, belly dancers and much more. To explore you next vacation, Trivoyage has made customized flight booking offers just for you.

Fly To The Middle East Countries ?

Holiday vacation is near and it is right time to choose your next spot in a Middle East country. Trivoyage has brought you many flight offers and travel deals to make you reach Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Jeddah and Riyadh with the cheap vacation deal offers.

From London to Dubai is the most populous route for vacationers. It takes 7 hours on an average to reach Dubai, DXB airport. Abu Dhabi, is also same distance. All Middle Eastern countries are 2 hours away from each other city. British airways mostly offers direct flights from London to Middle Eastern countries.

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Airlines Flying from the UK to the Middle East

1- British Airways     2- Emirates Airlines     3- Etihad Airways     4- Qatar Airways
5- Qantas Airlines     6- Turkish Airlines     7- Virgin Atlantic

Things To Do in Middle East

Middle Eastern is known for its flair and flaunt tourism. The government in these places nearly reply on tourism, hence made these countries as silver platters for tourists traveling from around the globe.

1. Family and kids love Dubai for its surprisingly amazing attractions. Dubai will take your breath away when you will find out that the entire area is man-made as the country was just bundle of sand dunes and large deserts. If you are traveling on budget, book a package deal on Trivoyage for a day at desert safari, sparkling tower of Burj Khalifa, dazzling watermarks of Dubai Fountain, shopping spree at Dubai and Emirates Mall. For luxury, you can spend a night or two in The Atlantis which also has Aqua Park for family waterpark, Lost Chambers as largest underground aquarium, swimming with dolphins etc. Malls in Dubai are extraordinary play, where you can swim with sharks while picking a jelly bar from a candy bar.

2. Visit the mega city of Middle East, Abu Dhabi and explore the biggest and most extraordinary Ferrari world filled with adventure and fun. Abu Dhabi is place of gold and luxury with the best tent resorts in the middle of deserts. It is one of the richest cities in the world, land of theme parks and large mosques. Spend your last two nights at Yas Island or explore the medieval age of The Emirates Palace.

3. The new city is emerging to be powerful tourist place for low budget travelers. Doha, one of the most popular city in Qatar is now on global platform. It is best to keep yourself accustomed with Islamic culture while you are set on the roads to explore this beautiful place.

4. If you are traveling for business purpose, Riyadh and Jeddah are best place to plan your business trip. Riyadh is a growing city with opportunities for business men across the world. It is also known for greenery and landscapes. Kingdom Center Tower and Riyadh Zoo are few top places for tourists.

5. Whereas Jeddah will take you around top places. Start your day with the Red Sea Mall or eat the delicious street Shawarmas delicacies. Must visit is Jeddah’s Floating Mosque or go for tour on sand dunes in your range rover.

There is no doubt that Middle East should be on your next travel list. Trivoyage online will offers you cheap deals on flights to make your vacation memorable.