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Monte Isola is an enchanting place to visit in Italy. This is the place where you can rediscover the pleasure. This has a green mountain that is amidst of the Iseo Lake. This island stands out from the others with the beauty of its landscape, which changes from season to season. This is spread across 450 hectares and is the real pearl of Italy. It is Europe’s best destination to travel

You can see 11 charming villages around this place. There are only 1800 people living here. The best thing is that, it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life where the cars are not allowed. People have to use motorcycles or buses or use cycle to explore the island.

Best time to fly to Monte Isola

The ideal time to fly to this place is from the October month. The temperature will be pleasant and warm with little rainfall. The highest temperature is recorded in the month of July and the least temperature is recorded in the month of January.

The climate and weather of this place makes it ideal to have sun vacation. When you are visiting this place during this time, you can go for a stroll on the optimal climatic conditions.
The temperature in spring and fall is humid but pleasant. The island falls in in middle of the lake making it a coastal area.

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Things to do in Monte Isola, Italy

Italy is famous for its lively culture, food options and drinks. Evenings in Monte Isola are one of kind to see once before you die.

1. Madonna Della Ceriola Sanctuary: You can visit this sanctuary where you can enjoy the lush greenery. There is also a special bus service available to visit this place. The best time to visit is from March to October. The sanctuary has the olden church that is the special attraction of the whole lake. This is scenic and artistic.

2. Ancient hamlet: When you visit the sanctuary, you can also visit to the ancient hamlet that is located in the heights of the island where you can enjoy the tradition of the bygone era. There are beautiful churches that are surrounded by large homes that are made in white color, wooden framing tools, courtyards, and porches. The marvelous architecture makes it a historical center.

3. Sulzano: This is a small and beautiful village where you de-board from the ferry to visit Monte Isola.

4. Iseo: This is a beautiful and pleasant town that has a harbor and this is also known as the historic center as it holds a rich history. This is an ideal destination for history lovers.

5. Pisogne: The medieval tower is the key attraction of this small town. This has the ancient church that was built in the 15th century. This is a must-visit place in Monte Isola. There are also beautiful frescoes.

6. Lovere: This is an enchanting village that has basilica located on the northern side of the lake Iseo.
Sarnico: This is a small town that is located on the banks of Lake Iseo towards the South. This is a historic center that has a big promenade.

8. Brescia: This is an off-beat from the regular tourist places. This place has a castle and cathedral that makes the place historic.

9. Peschiera: It is a fishing village that is connected with water. You can enjoy visiting the Fishing Museum and the tourist office. This is the best place to swim and bask under the warmth of the sun taking sun bath.

10. Santa Croce Festival: This festival is celebrated for every five years. The beauty of this festival is that the streets are decorated with paper flowers.

11. Fishing-net Museum: This is the private museum that also has fishnet factory that is built long ago. You can witness the black and white photos, documents and objects related to the fishnets and outfits worn by the people going for fishing here.

12. Santuario Della Madonna Della Ceriola: When you walk through the wooden paths of Peschiera town, you can find this place. This is a mountain top chapel that offers an incredible view.

13. Oldofredi Castle: This is owned by a noble family and this has been turned as a restaurant and a hotel in the recent times. There are many café’s where you can enjoy Italian food.
Go green initiative by Italy has made Monte Isola to emerge as a green mountain. It stands in the center of Iseo Lake. The city is known as a natural landscapes of pearl. If you are traveling for the first time, kindly know that cars are banned and cycling is motivated to prevent pollution. The island is small and local inhabitants, though culturally orthodox, are extremely hospitable.
The city is known for its nature, flora and fauna, panoramic landscape view, and small eateries. It is a place for tranquil and peaceful holiday. For adventure, trekking and hiking is quite popular in Monte Isola and fish is staple.

Visit this beautiful unexplored island with best packages available online.